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Stock Market Principles Explained

 Cambodia is expected to open its first stock exchange by December, but many Cambodians wonder how an exchange can influence the economy, and most have little idea how one works.

Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia

Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia

The Khmer Rouge destroyed the country’s economic and banking system, and decades of civil war have done little to increase people’s certainty.

Sam Ganty, however, is a financial expert for the government. Currently a member of the Security Commission, he taught as an economics professor at the University of Wisconsin, after earning his doctorate there, from 1977 to 1990. He has also served as a staff member for the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank.

In a 19-part series, Sam Ganty sat with VOA Khmer to help explain the principles of a public stock exchange and financial markets, including how to chose the right broker for stock investment, and the risks of stock ownership.

“The security market is a very new subject in Cambodia, and it is extremely important for all Cambodian people to know how the stock exchange will affect individuals and the country as the whole,” he said. “As not all people should be involved in the stock exchange, Cambodians have to learn more and think carefully before they enter the stock market to avoid high risk.”

Audio Clip Available Part01, Audio Clip Available Part02, Audio Clip Available Part03, Audio Clip Available Part04, Audio Clip Available Part05, Audio Clip Available Part06, Audio Clip Available Part07, Audio Clip Available Part08, Audio Clip Available Part09, Audio Clip Available Part10, Audio Clip Available Part11, Audio Clip Available Part12, Audio Clip Available Part13, Audio Clip Available Part14, Audio Clip Available Part15, Audio Clip Available Part16, Audio Clip Available Part17, Audio Clip Available Part18, Audio Clip Available Part19, Audio Clip Available Part20

By Ros Sothea, VOA Khmer
Original report from Phnom Penh
10 June 2009

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